Sunday 10.18.15 – Barbells for Boobs and Halloween

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Friday, October 23:  Barbells for Boobs

WHEN: All day, the Workout for the Day.
The Main Event! will be that evening from 5:00-7:00 pm.  We hope many of you can make it, where we can get the majority of the gym cheering each other on.  There will be raffle tickets for sale, all the proceeds will go to Barbells for Boobs & Mammograms in Action!

WHERE: The Compound

DONATION AMOUNT: Anything, but $80 pays for one screening, so at least 1/4 of that if you can!

DONATIONS: Make your donation directly to Barbells for Boobs & Mammograms in Action. CLICK HERE

SUPPORT: WEAR PINK & come cheer for your friends!!  Invite a friend all day for free!

DETAILS: All day, we will be doing the workout “Saving Grace”, which is 30 Clean and Jerks for time.  This is a workout we do in solidarity with many CrossFit gyms around the world each October.

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization who provides funding to breast centers globally through our Mammograms in Action ® Grant Program as a “last resort” resource for thousands of people who do not qualify for government funding or other charitable resources in the detection of breast cancer. Funding for screenings and diagnostic procedures is not only a necessity, but really does save lives.

Saturday, October 31:  Halloween

WHEN:  Regular Saturday hours, 8:00 – 10:00 am

WHERE:  The Compound

DETAILS:  Where your costume!  We have a Heroes & Villains theme this year, but you can wear anything.

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