Sunday 12.20.15 – Christmas week schedule and my bittersweet last day as a K9 handler!

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This week’s gym schedule:

– Monday – Wednesday: Regular schedule
– Thursday (Christmas Eve):  8 and 9 am only
– Friday (Christmas):  Closed All Day
– Saturday:  8 and 9 am only


For the last 10 years, a patrol car has been sitting in front of my house.  The name of my partner written on the side.

I became a K9 handler with my first dog, Niko, the same month my oldest son was born, 10 years ago this month.

I started with my second dog, Fedor, the same month my second son Brandon was born, in July 2009.

For as long as my kids have been alive, I have had a canine to take to work with me.  They are the best partners I will ever have!

Thank you to everyone that has reached out to congratulate me and Fedor, “Like” our photos , and genuinely care about my partner.  He has worked hard and he is ready to come home and relax!

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