Sunday 2.14.16 – Nutrition Challenge Winner!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  And for anyone that didn’t hear, we had a Nutrition Challenge winner last week!  Congrats to Liane Powers, who took home the win!  Jenna spoke with Liane about her experience in the challenge:


1. when did you start getting into fitness?

“I can honestly say that I have never been the type of person to work out or go to a gym let alone join one. The most rigorous work out I have ever done is walk. I do need to give thanks to my best friend Tara, because with out her dragging me into her current exercise regimen I would still be sitting on the couch.”
2. What brought you to the compound, how long have you been with us, and how has crossfit benefited you health wise? Has CrossFit been the best type of exercise you have found so far for your body and for your lifestyle?

“I joined the Compound in January of 2015. Thanks again to my best friend Tara, who told me that the only thing she wanted for her birthday that year was for me to come try Crossfit with her. I did not want to disappoint my friend so I tried it. The first time I was puking in the bushes during the run but I felt so rewarded afterwards. I came back the following week and did it again, after that I was hooked. Tara and I made a commitment to each other that we would join the gym full time in June the same year. I could not be happier with the results so far. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape I have ever been.”
3. What motivations did you have to start adding nutrition to your journey of health and fitness? And have you noticed any improvements in your everyday life from it? (physically, mentally, emotionally)

“My motivation to start adding nutrition was the challenge itself. Since I began working out I never changed my diet. I always thought that I ate pretty well and did not think there was any room for improvement. During the challenge I learned that some of the foods I was eating (although I thought they were good) were actually not as good as I thought they were and that you actually had to feed your muscles! I found substitutes that were organic and better for you that could be eaten instead. The challenge really opened my eyes to a whole different way of thinking about food. During the challenge I noticed little things like no more heart burn, I feel better, stronger than I did before.”
4. Where you surprised to win the challenge?

“I was completely surprised that I won the challenge, I never expected to win. I thought that I was not doing as well as others. I think it was because I wasn’t seeing the results, it wasn’t until I had my body fat measured at the end of the challenge that I actually did make progress.”
5. Is fitness and healthy nutrition a permanent lifestyle change in your life now?

“Yes! I am going to continue on the road I am on! I feel fantastic!”
6. Anything else you want to add? (thoughts, goals, motivations, experiences, friendships/workout partners that you have come to know at the gym)

“Coming to the gym isn’t something I feel like I have to do but want to do. I want to come because I enjoy the atmosphere. The people are great, the coaches are amazing, and the feeling you get after the workout is a feeling of accomplishment. I love the positive attitudes and all of the encouragement not only from the coaches but from other members. I also love that i get to come to the gym and hang out with my BFF, and with all of the new friends I have made along the way. If it weren’t for Tara I would not be where I am today. I have to say that my one regret would be that I did not start this chapter in my life sooner.”
7. Any advice to those who want to start on their journey to health and fitness?

“I would have to say that it is never to late to start and if your best friend asks you to go to the gym with her for her birthday then just do it!!”
Congrats Liane!

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