Sunday 2.28.16 – Submit a score

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Well, the first CrossFit Open workout in 2016 is in the books and now you need to submit a score!  Here’s how:

Submit a score:


During the Open, you will be able to submit a score from your Competition Page. Each week there will be a section of the page where you can submit a score.

When you go to submit a score it will ask you, “How will this workout be validated?” Select: Performed at an affiliate. You will need to select the affiliate, the name of your judge, the score, and tiebreak time (if applicable).

Scores must be in by Monday at 5 pm.  BUT, I’m telling you right now, if you try to get you score in any time in the afternoon on Monday, the CrossFit Games site may be so inundated it might not post in time.  So get it in early.

Validating a score:

The Affiliate Manager (Craig) from the affiliate where you completed the workout is the only person who can validate your score. They will log into their account and validate the scores before the validation deadline.

The Leaderboard:

Your score will not appear on the Leaderboard until the Affiliate Manager validates it.

A gray score:

Your score may be gray at times, because the Open workout submission period is not over and the Affiliate Manager has not validated your score yet. In other words, it’s in the system, but it’s not official yet.

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