Sunday 3.13.16 – The best coaches!

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I say it a lot, but not enough.  I have the best coaches here at The Compound Strength & Conditioning.  Not just in the way they train and teach.  Thursday night, I get a text from Phillip trying to get his Friday 5am shift covered.  I find out later that night from Erica that he and Jennifer were on their way to the hospital to have a baby!  All Phillip had to do was tell us “Forget you all, I’m having a baby!”  Instead he got in contact with Erica and I and was focused on taking care of his shift!  Again, he didn’t need to do that, but that is the caliber of person that he is.

And Jennifer, full time mom, Loan Officer, and CrossFitter!  I have really enjoyed seeing Jenn stay physically active during this entire pregnancy.  That is a ton of dedication and hard work!

Congrats to Jennifer and Phillip Kelly for the birth of their new addition to their family!


Dylan Leigh Kelly
Born 3/11/16 at 6:38am – So Phil could have taught the 5 am class AND still made it in time for the birth!!! jk

Don’t forget, we lose an hour of sleep Saturday night into Sunday morning.  We “spring forward”, so set your clocks ahead one hour tonight, so you are not late for the gym come Monday!

Congrats to all those that are making and achieving both small, or great, goals during The CrossFit Games Open!!!  It is difficult to compete in anything, let alone, something that you have no idea each week what it is going to be!

Reminder:  get your CrossFit Open workout submitted so I can validate it before the deadline!

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