Sunday 3.20.16 – Finding balance

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We’ve all heard the saying that less is more.  That can pertain to many things in life, but definitely in the fitness world!  Less volume at higher quality work, definitely beats simply more volume.  But sometimes it’s hard to balance all the things we think we need to do.  That struggle to find balance ends up draining us physically and mentally!

For the latest episode of “Built to Last Fitness Podcast” we talked with Elizabeth DeHart about finding that balance in her super busy world.  That balance has led to a bunch of PRs in the last few weeks at the gym.

So listen in as we talk to full time mom, manager, and athlete Elizabeth and discuss balancing her busy and healthy life. While talking to Liz, her beautiful daughter, Dayvenie, joins us and entertains us with her wise cracking #nofilter!

Elizabeth has a lot of things going on at Fleet Feet VV:

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