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This diagram (above) from was created to make the case that the line between “sickness” and “fitness” is on the same continuum, and passes through “wellness”. In short, if you have worked to make yourself as Fit or Healthy as possible, before you can become Sick (chronically, not just once in a while) you must pass through “Wellness” first.

Fitness and health equals wellness and beyond. If you are injured, excessively sore, or overly tired as a result of your exercise regime, then you are not “fit.”

The design of the workout of the day (WOD) program is the MOST important difference between CrossFit gyms. CrossFit works, fast. But, more CrossFit does not always equal better CrossFit.  At The Compound, we know that most of us want to do the WODs exactly as written on the board.   Sometimes the push to try to do what is written on the board leads to excessive repetitive movements, improper scaling, or complex exercises under fatigue can leave people sore and possibly injured.

So, we decided to provide a few levels of options for many of the workout days.  This does not mean you can’t scale or change a workout, but it does provide you with some options, depending on how you feel that day.  It also doesn’t mean there will be levels created on each day.  Some endurance or benchmark workouts will just be the same for everyone.

The three levels are Health, Fitness, and Performance.

When I think about the levels, this is how I break them down:

“Health” Level – builds a solid foundation for conditioning workouts (and daily life activities!).  You will complete these workouts with very manageable weight and movements that will leave you with a raised metabolism and fat burning that is possible with constant high intensity interval training.

“Fitness” Level – this is generally the “Rx’ed” WOD.  This is for those that are pushing themselves to be

“Performance” Level – or challenge level.  This is for those that want to challenge themselves at a weight or movement that is beyond what is needed for good health and fitness.

Here is an example from Friday:

AMRAP in 15:00:
– 5 Thruster (Performance: 185/ 135#, Fitness: 135/ 95#, Health: 95/55#)
– 7 Push Ups (Performance: Tru Ring Push Ups*, Fitness & Health: regular or as difficult as possible)
– 9 Ring Rows (Performance: at a deficit**, Fitness & Health:  as difficult as possible)

*Tru Ring Push Ups are done with your feet on a box and rings at the same height of the box.
**Ring Rows at a deficit, means the rings and the box is the same height.  At 5’10”, I set up a box or box and weight plates to 30″ so my shoulders are off the ground.
The workout was written by the point of the “Fitness” level.  That was the Rx’ed workout.

For the “Performance” level I bumped the weight extremely high since the reps each round were relatively low.  The push ups and ring rows were also bumped up to higher skill levels, to slow down the rate of work done so you could get back to the heavy thrusters and handle them each round.

For the “Health” level, the weight was dropped to a manageable weight so you can get through them as quick as possible (with good form of course) and get a large amount of push ups and ring rows each round.
As far as these levels are concerned, there is no prerequisite for which one you should try.  Talk it over with a coach, and figure out which one is right for you.  Maybe one day you do the “Fitness” level, the next day you challenge yourself at the “Performance” level, and then Friday comes around and you just want to move, so do the “Health” level.  Or maybe you just want to be the Healthiest you can be and you don’t care about the Sport of Fitness, so you always do the “Health” level.

The possibilities are endless!

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