Sunday 9.20.15 – Regularly learn and play new sports – Highland Games

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Part of CrossFit’s prescription for Fitness in 100 words is: “Regularly learn and play new sports”   So this time on the podcast, now titled Built to Last Fitness, we decided to sit down and talk with Compound Athlete Micah Studer to discuss the Highland Games.


After we got through the initial hi jinx, we spoke down with Husband, Father, Assistant Principal, College student and Highland Games Athlete, Micah Studer, after his 5 am workout!  Micah explained what the Highland Games are and how CrossFit and Olympic-style Weightlifting has helped him improve in the Highland Games.   Micah and I have been throwing together for almost three years and Micah is one of the most positive people I have met and he drops some of his encouragement on us and why he chooses to balance his busy life with such a challenging sport.

Our last games of the season will be this next Saturday, the 26th at the Dixon May Fair!  Here is a shot Brenda took from last years games!

We had a short amount of time to get the interview done, and we tripped a bit on the ending.  So I will fix that here:

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