• Great gym!   The coaching is great here. I'm glad I switched from a globo gym where I was wasting my time. Not to mention I've become great friends with the coaches. This is a great community!  Watch out for the FREE Saturday class...Jenna doesn't play around with those workouts! "LA" Ryan is always helpful especially in the Weightlifting Club. Just watch out for a photo bomb if you take a pic or video! The owners are very easy going and approachable. No one should feel intimidated when they come here.

    Phillip K.
  • Like another reviewer said, I was pretty scared of CrossFit. I've heard intense stuff about how the people are crazy and "if you don't puke, you're not working hard enough". But I've also seen friends be radically transformed to better health and fitness by doing CrossFit. When I saw that The Compound had an introductory class, I thought that would be a great way to try it out. I was very skeptical at first, honestly, because I had read about people getting injured for the sake of intensity, so I was very suspicious of everything. After my first week of Compound Lite (the intro class), I was really surprised at how awesome it all was. The coaches (Tyler and Jenna, for Lite) are pros at scaling the workouts to meet you wherever you are (I had to do push-ups on the wall. Super weak), they are ALL about form and safety, and they strike a good balance of pushing you without being obnoxious or risking your safety. Other CrossFit gyms had intro classes that were one day or one week long, which is not nearly long enough to learn safe form and familiarize yourself with the movements. That's why I chose the Compound, and I'm glad I did. I've been doing the regular CrossFit classes here since April, and I love it. I've never seen results from working out like I have here. The workouts are programmed by coaches, so I don't have to think about what I should do. I used to wander around the gym aimlessly for a long time. I never tried as hard as I do here -- I love the variety of exercises. And the COMMUNITY! Holy cow! I NEVER liked being social while working out. I was there to do work and leave. But here, the people are awesome. The workouts are super motivating because you're all in it together. People are encouraging. The person who gets the most cheering is the one who finishes last. There are people of all abilities and ages, so it really can fit anyone. I've never had muscles in my life. I tried running, swimming, yoga, cycling, and generic gym circuits. But they were all super boring and complete drudgery to force myself to complete. CrossFit is fun and challenging. The people are awesome. The coaches are helpful. And it's the only exercise program I've ever fallen in love with, which helps me stick to it and see results. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm a fan. 🙂

    Emily B.
  • This place is the BOMB! I had started CrossFit when I deployed back in 2013 & tried a CrossFit place when I got home. I got hurt & never went back. CrossFit VV is the most friendliest, welcoming gym I have ever been to. The coaches make sure you have the proper form & are always pushing you to go further but not to the point where you will hurt yourself. The people that go there are nice & everyone motivates everyone else. There workouts are for all levels & the coaches will work with you. They helped me pass my PT test, not with just a minimum, but I almost maxed my situps & pushups. I highly recommend this place to ANYONE!

    Christine Z.
  • I came to the compound as a new mom and started with compound lite. I was also new to town and this gym is not just a gym its a family. The coaches are knowledgeable, and always willing to help. So many people say you have to be in shape to do crossfit, and that is just not the truth. This gym makes sure that what ever level your at you can do the workout. I highly recommend anyone that is interested at all to check them out. they offer a few new to/ starter crossfit classes, and everyone is patient and willing to get you started. This is not a gym where you wont know a single person, and wont talk to anyone. You will be welcomed in as one of the gym family and will make fast friends, and motivators.

    Brenda W.
  • This is a very welcoming place.  I am new to crossfit and the trainers really work with you at your level of fitness.   I am 47 and I see all ages at this gym.  This is the place to be if you are looking for a well rounded fitness place.

    Mary R.
  • I travel from St. Louis to Vacaville multiple times a year to visit family and was lucky to find such a great box to welcome me into their community. The coaches are phenomenal and treat me with the same attention as their own members.  The box is very clean, equipment is top notch, and coaches provide excellent instruction and encouragement. When I can't be at my home box I'm glad to have such an awesome place to go!  If you're lucky enough to make this your home box you definitely should!

    Christine C.
  • Erica is an excellent coach. She is so knowledgeable and full of energy. She lets me bring my Solano Fire Academy students in some mornings and gives them a workout to remember! They dread the workout but always ask me to arrange another one. Thanks so much for all your help Erica! Great facility. Great people.

    Mindy S.
  • No matter what crossFit gym you choose, you will most likely get am excellent workout. What sets the Compound apart from the rest is the experienced trainers, top notch equipment, a great facility and team atmosphere. The trainers at the Compound have no ego's and push to make you, not to break you. They will teach you proper form to avoid injury, push you to fitness levels  you never thought were attainable, and they do all this in a motivating, respectful manner. The last thing I would want in a gym would be to have some muscle head with an ego making me feel inferior. The Compound is a very well rounded gym that specializes in working with people with all different types of fitness levels and experience. Everyone works together as a team here. That team concept allows the compound to function like a family. If you are reading this thinking that another crossFit gym is comparable to this one, let me offer up something that truly sets the Compound apart from the rest: the Compound is constantly reaching out to the community and supporting charitable organizations. They collect toys for tots, help victims of tragedies, stay active in community events and hold fundraisers for numerous causes. Training people simply makes you a trainer, but reaching out to others makes you a good person.  If I'm going to spend the money to join a CrossFit gym, I want a good trainer but I also want to be trained by good people. The environment of a CrossFit gym starts from the top and that sets the tone for the whole gym. Good people at the top provides an excellent environment and further establishes the teamwork and positive vibe that are so important in a CrossFit gym. Give the Compound a try and you won't be disappointed.

    Matt M.
  • I found The Compound around the end of May.I'd made the decision to change my life for the better physically. I had done some crossfit style workout in the past but nothing serious. The Coaching staff helped me to make goals and provided the one on one help that you can not find in a chain gym. The folks who go here are not just patrons but more of a family. The support you get before and after the workouts is amazing. Since starting at the Compound I have lost 35 pounds, 3 inches off my waist, quit smoking, and am on my way to living a long healthy life.

    Bob B.
  • I was very intimated to try a Crossfit gym for the first time and didn't know what to expect. I e-mailed Crossfit VV North and was promptly called back by Ryan. He was extremely nice and helpful and set up a free visit for me and a friend the following week. When we walked in for our first workout, we were greeted by Brad and Holly and introduced to the gym.  I felt very comfortable and welcome. My friend and I had a fun and challenging workout, and decided to sign up!  I have been going a few days a week since, and have nothing but great things to say about Crossfit and Crossfit VV North!  The format is great, the people supportive, and the workouts are addictive!  I highly recommend this gym if you are thinking about trying Crossfit, but don't know where to start.

    Jaimee J.
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