Thursday 1.14.16 – shoulder to overhead

 In W.O.D.

Turkish Get Ups can be used to build the core, build your shoulder stability and warm up for shoulder to overhead in the workout later! The Turkish Get Up is an excellent torso stabilization and general strength and mobility exercise. Any weighted implement can be used.  Stand up anyway you can, but for some options, check out this description HERE or this video HERE

Skill: Turkish Get Ups.  Play!

Conditioning:  AMRAP in 14:00:
– 5 Shoulder to Overhead (Performance: 185/125#, Fitness: 135/85#, Health: 95/55#)
– 10 Toes to Bar (Health:  Knees as high as possible)
– 15 Sumo Deadlifts (same weight)


The CrossFit Games Open begins in about 6 weeks!! Sign ups start on 1.14.16. For more info check it out HERE.  Who’s going to join the team this year?

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Have you ever read CrossFit’s “What is Fitness Article”?  You should!  It’s one of the best article about CrossFit and fitness.  It was written almost 15 years ago, and has changed the way everyone views fitness and working out (whether they want to admit it or not!).

Read the article HERE!

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