Thursday 10.01.15 – banded sprints

 In W.O.D.

Skill: Banded Sprints 6 x 20 yards w/ a partner

– The goal is to improve speed and acceleration, not to provide so much resistance that they’re barely moving.
– The sprinter should try to accelerate away from their partner (Anchor) with as much speed and power as possible.
– Partner anchoring the sprinter should sit back with low hips, but only provide enough resistance for the sprinter to maintain an aggressive lean against the resistance (approx. 45 degrees).
– It should take about 10-20 sec to complete each sprint!

**Check the Structural Integrity of the bands!

Conditioning: “Religion
Complete 5 rounds:
– Back Squat – Max Reps (Performance: 275/165#, Fitness: 225/ 135#, Health: 75% to 100% bodyweight)
– 7 Burpee Box Jumps (Performance:  20″, Fitness: 15″, Health: burpees over bar)

*No matter what level you are, land in a solid power stance.


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