Thursday 11.12.15 – For Quality

 In W.O.D.

Skill:  Practice – pull portion and/or transition of the Muscle Up
(Performance: Work on strict pull  and transition – no kip)

Conditioning: For QUALITY for 20:00:
– 200m Run or 250m Row
– 30 Hip Extensions
– 30 Hollow Rocks
– 30 DB/KB Chainsaw Rows – 15/ arm (AHAP)

**For QUALITY means for 20 min, I do not care how many rounds or reps you do.  I want your run/ rows to be as fast a sprint as possible.  But, take your time on the Hip Extensions and Hollow Rocks for perfect reps.  Hold each rep at the top for 1-3 solid seconds, don’t go for speed!

For the Chainsaw Rows, choose a challenging weight and challenge yourself!  If you use a weight and can hit all 15 reps on one side in one set, then go up in weight the next round!

After the run/row, the other exercises can be done in any order!

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