Thursday 2.04.16 – ditch the bands!

 In W.O.D.

No, don’t ditch the bands completely, they are still a great tool to be used.  But they can quickly become and crutch and a hindrance if you use them too often.  There are issues with using elastic bands in your dips (and pull ups for that matter).   Some people manage to acquire the skills in spite of these issues, but far too many never make the transition:

One problem is that the force helping you is not consistent. You get too much help at the bottom, and not enough help at the top.   Another problem, is the bands also pull the rings together and keep them stable, which without bands requires a significant amount of work on your part. You are missing out on getting stronger triceps and the shoulder stability strength necessary to keep the rings from drifting all over the place.

:  Ring Dip 4 x max reps.

Here are examples of different scaling options for the ring dip (not using bands):

  • Ring dips with feet assist
  • bar dips
  • box dips
  • box/bar dips with feet assist
  • ring push ups (vary height)
  • narrow grip push ups
  • static holds (at top or bottom or rings/bars/boxes)
  • band triceps extensions (to improve strength)
  • Dumbbell Skull Crushers (4 sets of 10-15 reps two to three times a week will blow your tricep strength up!)

Conditioning: 5 rounds for reps of:
– 1 minute of Power Cleans (Performance: 165/105#, fitness: 135/85#, Health: 95/55#)
– 1 minute of Hand Release Push Ups
– 1 minute of Knees to Elbows

Post reps to comments.

Nutrition Challenge Potluck this Saturday, the 6th at 10 am!  Bring food to share, hang out, and hear who the winner is!

This year, instead of programming for the gym, we will be hosting a Friday Night Throwdown for everyone at the gym to do it together!  Any questions or concerns, contact Craig at

Click HERE to sign up!     Team “CF Vacaville North”

We have been invited to participate at the Solano County Home and Garden Show at the Dixon fairgrounds again this February. We had a great turnout last year for participation and we got some good exposure for our gym. The date is Saturday, February 2oth.

Contact Erica at if you would like to join us to demo some fun CrossFit workouts!

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