Tuesday 1.12.15 – skill work

 In W.O.D.

Skill:  Clean and/or Jerk.  Work the skill!

Don’t push the weight, pick a specific area you need to work on and perfect it!  Talk it over with your coach and your workout partners.  There is a mental aspect to training that many people forget about in order to chase the “tired, sweaty, worked-out” feeling.  If you take time to slow down, improve some skills, you’ll be able to push the “tired, sweaty, worked-out” feeling even further!

Conditioning:  AMRAP in 15:00:
– 5 Power Clean (Performance: 205/125#, Fitness: 155/100#, Health: 95/55#)
– 10 Push Ups (Performance: Tru Ring Push Ups, Fitness: rx’ed, Health: scale as needed)
– 15 Double Unders (Health:  Double Under attempts ONLY – count each attempt)

Reebok’s Outlet store is putting on a great event tomorrow!!  As part of Reebok’s commitment to empowering fitness and supporting the community in living a healthy lifestyle they’re inviting people to their First Fun Fitness morning event at Reebok in Vacaville. The event is open to Reebok customers,  and invited guests of Compound members only. They have a wide selection of Reebok’s pinnacle fitness products ranging from running, training, yoga, dance and CrossFit.  In addition, we’d love to extend an invitation for all of your guests to take a free fitness class with us in-store. This class is designed for all fitness abilities.  They can accommodate 20-40 people per class, so tell your friends about it and get them to sign up right away as spaces will fill up quickly!

You can sign up by calling our store at 707.452.0235.

The event will be on the following date:

  • Wednesday, January 13
  • 9:00am-9:30am Fun & Free Fitness class
  • 9:30-10:00am private shopping hours with coupon to all of our attendees
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