Tuesday 2.16.16 – CrossFit Open update

 In W.O.D.

CROSSFIT OPEN UPDATE!  Due to demands and concerns, we will be returning to  how we ran The CrossFit Open in previous years.  We will be programming The Open workout for the gym each Friday. This way, everyone with scheduling issues can still participate in The Open, whether they sign up or not!  We’ll get the entire gym working out together.  Of course, if anyone still wants to get together for a Friday Night Throwdown we can schedule that as times permit!  Any questions or concerns, contact Craig at crossfitvvn@yahoo.com

Click HERE to sign up for the CrossFit Open!     Team “CF Vacaville North”

Skill: OTM for 12:00:
– Odd – 2 Pistols/leg at hardest variation
– Even – 1 max distance Broad Jump (try to increase distance each time)

Conditioning: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
– 10 Pull Ups (Performance: Chest to Bar, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: Ring Rows – notice no bands!)
– 30 Squats (Performance: back squat 95/65#, Fitness: back squat 45/35#, Health:  Air Squats)
– 60 seconds of handstand hold (Performance: Free standing, Fitness: wall, Health: Box)*

*This is a static handstand hold, not a walk. Only count time while the hands are stationary. If needed, use a wall.

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