Tuesday 3.15.16 – short cycles

 In W.O.D.

Short cycles, like today, or Tabata workouts should be treated like sprints.  Whereas, yesterday’s “Cindy” 20 min workout, you may want to pace a bit, Today is a little different.  Think about it as running one time around a track vs a 5k.  Don’t leave much left in the tank during these short cycles, because you will have two minutes of rest after each one!

Strength:  Power Clean. 1 rm for the day

Conditioning:  Complete 3 Cycles of:

AMRAP in 4 minutes:
– 6 KB Swings (AHAP)
– 6 Power Cleans (65-75% today’s 1rm)
– 6 Burpees over the bar

*Rest 2 minutes between cycles. Continue next cycle where the previous left off for a running total of rounds and reps.

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