Tuesday 6.16.15

 In W.O.D.

Skill: True Ring Push Ups 4 x max reps*

*True ring push up if performed with the feet on a box and the rings at the same height as the box.  If you cannot perform a ring push up with external rotation of the shoulders and rotating the palms forward to approx. 45 degrees at every lockout, then perform them on weight plates or another box.
**If you are still workout on regular push ups, perform max reps at the scaled version you are currently on.

WOD: Complete every 90 seconds:

– 150 m Row Sprint
– 5 Thrusters (165/ 115#)
– 10 Toes to bar

*Every 90 seconds, complete one of the above exercises.  Alternate through until your have completed 5 rounds of each or 15 total rounds.  You can start at any exercise, but rotate the same order (i.e: ground to overhead to toes to bar to rows, etc)

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