Tuesday 9.08.15 – CrossFit Team Series starts today

 In W.O.D.

Skill: Ring Dips 4 x Max Reps

*OR Ring Push Ups or Push Up at your working variation 4 x max reps.  Choose a variation where you can get at least 8-10 solid reps in the first set.  Scale up to weighted if you’d like.

Conditioning:  AMRAP in 12:00:
– 10 Hang Power Snatch*
– 15 steps Walking Lunges/ leg
– 20 Double Unders

*Weight and movement standards for different levels.  You determine what level you are based on your ability to continue moving without having to stop and rest too much based on weight on the bar or skill of the movement.  Part of the efficiency of CrossFit WODs is moving through all movements and not hitting a wall on certain skills and weights:

  • Performance: 135/ 95# Hang Split Snatches (switch footwork each rep)
  • Fitness: 115/ 75# Hang Power Snatch and Double Unders or Jump Rope Running in place (20 steps/ foot)
  • Health:  95/ 55# Hang Power Snatch and Jump Rope Running in place (20 steps/ foot)

There will be those who will still be unable to complete at even the “Health” level due to mobility, strength issues, or lack of familiarity of the movement.  Continue to scale any movement as needed.

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