Upside down skill work – Thu 11.02.17

 In W.O.D.

Skill:  Take 5-10 minutes to play upside down, then:
OTM for 10:00:
– Performance: 10 yard Handstand Walk or 2-3 Deficit HSPU
– Fitness:  2-3 Handstand Push Ups
– Health:  1 Wall Walk + 5 sec Handstand Hold (as vertical as possible)

Conditioning: 3 rounds for time:
– 15 yard Walking Lunges (Performance: 2 KB/DBs, Fitness: 1 KB, Health: bodyweight)
– 30 Double Unders (Health: 30 Jump Ropes running in place)
– 15 Burpees
– 30 Warrior Sit Ups

*Time cap 16:00

For the month of November, Sweat Angels will be working with Feed A Billion to provide meals to someone in need. Feed A Billion’s mission is to provide a billion meals by 2020 to help the fight against hunger. Every check-in will provide 1 meal. With the help of your check-ins, we can help them get one step closer to this goal. #givemeals

Remember to sign in for the class you plan on attending on Mindbody.  This is a way we know who will be in class and how we can best help you meet your goals.  It’s also a way to contact those should some unexpected event take place in case and change in schedule may occur.  Also, it’s a great way to maintain your motivation!  Once you sign up, now you have to go, right!?

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