Wednesday 11.18.15 – Unilateral leg training

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Front Rack Barbell Reverse Lunges 10-10-10-10 (10 total/ 5 each leg)*

Conditioning: AMRAP for 20:00:
– 5 Handstand Push Ups (Performance: 4″ Deficit, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: Shoulder Press – choose weight)
– 10 Pistols, alternating (Performance: 25/15#, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: 10 perfect Air Squats!)
– 20 Warrior Sit Ups (Performance: V-Ups, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: as high as possible)

*The goal of this WOD is to keep moving!  So for the “Health” levels, I want you focusing on Basic movements that don’t require advanced skills.  Improve your Shoulder Press and improve your basic Air Squats!  The Warrior Sit Ups should mimic the movement of Knees to Elbows or Toes to Bar.  V-Ups require straight arms and legs!

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