Wednesday 12.16.15 – split squat time

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Bulgarian Split Squat 10-10-10-10 (10 reps each leg each set)

– Performance/ Fitness:  Bar on back
– Health: Hold KBs to the side

*This is simply a 1-legged squat with the rear foot elevated on a bench or box. Place a barbell behind the neck as you would for a back squat. Place what will be your front foot about 3 foot-lengths in front of a bench or box, and place the top of your rear foot on the top of the bench or box—this is your starting position. Adjust the distance of your front foot from the bench as needed to make sure the front shin is about vertical in the bottom of the squat. With a controlled speed, bend at the knee to lower yourself with an upright trunk until the rear knee lightly contacts the floor (don’t let it hit the floor or rest on the floor), then stand again pushing more through the front heel than the balls of the foot. Maintain the position of the front knee over the foot—don’t let it collapse inward or push it excessively outward. Perform the total number of reps on one leg before switching to the other leg. The farther forward the front foot, the more the exercise will rely on the posterior chain and stretch the rear hip flexors; the farther back the front foot, the more the exercise will rely on the quads.  FOCUS ON THE POSTERIOR CHAIN!

:  3 Rounds for time:
– Row 500m
– Complete max reps for the same amount of time you Row’ed in each round (see below)
– Rest 2-3:00 or whenever a rower is freed up (whichever is longer)

*Example:  500m Row took you 2:14 seconds, then do as many reps as possible in the same amount of time.

Round 1: Sit Ups (any)
Round 2: Hip Extensions
Round 3: KB Swings (choose weight)

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