Wednesday 2.03.16 – Tier 2, part 2

 In W.O.D.

Nutrition Challenge Potluck this Saturday, the 6th at 10 am!  Bring food to share, hang out, and hear who the winner is!

Fitness rating continues this week with part 2 of the Tier 2 fitness tests.   Just like yesterday, record your numbers and provide them to Coach Jenna.  (You should be recording your numbers anyways if you are doing your CrossFit right!).  If you do a scaled version of “1/2 Karen”, please make sure you right down EXACTLY what the scaled version you did, so you can repeat it next time we do it!

We did Tier 1 and part 1 of Tier 2 yesterday!  If you need to make up any portion of Tier 1 or Tier 2, then get with a coach and try to find a time to get it done!  Remember, these are just numbers.  The goal is to be better than yesterday for every day of this upcoming Nutrition Challenge.  And Have Fun!!!


Strength:  Push Press. Find 3rm

Conditioning:  For time:
– 1 mile Run

Rest 2 min, Then:
– 30 Burpees to target 6″ above your max reach!

The most important portion of the WOD is the 1 mile run.  Go all out for that portion and record your time.  Then get to work on some perfect burpees!

Compare to 12.30.15

Join Fleet Feet Sports Vacaville at The Compound Crossfit gym in Vacaville on Wednesday, February 3rd from 6-7pm for an educational shoulder mobility clinic. Please register for this FREE event to ensure we have room and demo equipment to accommodate everyone. Register HERE

This year, instead of programming for the gym, we will be hosting a Friday Night Throwdown for everyone at the gym to do it together!  Any questions or concerns, contact Craig at

Click HERE to sign up!     Team “CF Vacaville North”

We have been invited to participate at the Solano County Home and Garden Show at the Dixon fairgrounds again this February. We had a great turnout last year for participation and we got some good exposure for our gym. The date is Saturday, February 2oth.

Contact Erica at if you would like to join us to demo some fun CrossFit workouts!

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