Why The Compound

Our goal at The Compound is to provide simple and effective training for a healthy life. We offer what most big box gyms and many personal training facilities overlook; we focus on your short-term and lifelong goals to teach you to move properly and provide nutrition advice so you can carry that with you the rest of your life.

We don’t just want you to just get a good sweat during your workout, we also want to teach you the importance of the exercises and proper nutrition. We work on building your core stability, increasing your mobility and then making you stronger and healthier.


CrossFit Vacaville North is not your traditional gym. When you choose to train at CrossFit Vacaville North, you are hiring a team of highly skilled, dedicated coaches determined to help you:



Quality Coaching

Quality Coaching:

Although our gym was created in 2010, our coaches have been in the fitness industries for years, learning and teaching others proper movement and improved athletic abilities. Fitness is a life long commitment and we want to help you keep that commitment. When our members travel to other gyms around the country, they constantly hear praises for their quality technique. Keeping you safe and strong will keep you in the training for a long, long time!

Personal Training

Personal Training:

No two people are exactly the same. So, we do not believe in training them in the exact same way. When you first come to the gym, you will be working with a personal coach and will progress at your own speed, and according to your own level of fitness. We have a 5 session plan that can be adjusted to wherever you may be starting your fitness journey. When choosing The Compound, you are choosing the excellence in coaching that brings safety and quality to our classes.

Continued Progress

Continued Progress:

Have you ever been in the gym and wondered why you are doing an exercsixe – a program you may currently be following or a routine you saw someone doing on social media? Our coaches are dedicated to looking into and explaining the “why” of training. Backed by years of training, mentoring, and expericence, you will be provided with smart and safe training principles that will ensure your progress over time. By choosing to train at The Compound, you can expect that there will be a plan when it comes to daily workouts. They will be simple, effective, and fit your individual goals!

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